Pakistan is bad religion

Pakistan has been maligned throughout the world religion, why is it Pakistan? Puri is the man must think. A power in Asia, India and the country being Sampano Prebhusato he brilliantly playing their obligations, we now think global angel Drashy charge is required, which are playing, but today is not the type to say – then say Pakistan is under way because the way to the world is behaving, they have crossed the limits of shamelessness, great sense of peace as Islam’s revealed Peyagambro make tweaks to the religion of their great religious book out wrong means the world is confused, now coming to India should Pakistan be erased from the world Nekahe now again a Savarkar, Asafaka – Ulah – mine is not freedom great Yodhdhao’s Ageare Karege dream come true. Re-created all-India federation. Which today’s 29 states other than Pakistan and Bangladesh to resolve around the states of India East Bengal as a state has Ssmilit Zay, that’s our Viro Aswpanoan Ssidhdh the world by Mother India to re-install on top Ssiakhr can .