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GPSCશિક્ષણ સેવા વર્ગ-૨

Syllabus_અભ્યાસક્રમ advt_116-2013-14





શાળા કેળવણી ફંડ : મુખ્યશિક્ષક/શિક્ષક જોબ-ચાર્ટ અને આચાર સંહિતા

મુખ્યશિક્ષક/શિક્ષક/વિદ્યાસહાયક જોબ-ચાર્ટ અને આચાર સંહિતાSKF-2


A.M. — Ante meridian
P.M. — Post meridian
B. A. — Bachelor of Arts
M. A. — Master of Arts
B. Sc. — Bachelor of Science
M. Sc. — Master of Science
B. Sc. Ag. — Bachelor of Science in
M. Sc. Ag. — Master of Science in Agriculture
M. B. B. S. — Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
M. D. — Doctor of Medicine
M. S. — Master of Surgery
Ph. D. / D. Phil. — Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Science)
D. Litt./Lit. — Doctor of Literature / Doctor of Letters
D. Sc. — Doctor of Science
B. Com. — Bachelor of Commerce
M. Com. — Master of Commerce
Dr. — Doctor
B. P. — Blood Pressure
Mr. — Mister
Mrs. — Mistress
M.S. — miss (used for female married & unmarried)
Miss — used before unmarried girls)
M. P. — Member of Parliament
M. L. A. — Member of Legislative Assembly
M. L. C. — Member of Legislative Council
P. M. — Prime Minister
C. M. — Chief Minister
C-in-C — Commander-In-Chief
L. D. C. — Lower Division Clerk
U. D. C. — Upper Division Clerk
Lt. Gov. — Lieutenant Governor
D. M. — District Magistrate
V. I. P. — Very Important Person
I. T. O. — Income Tax Officer
C. I. D. — Criminal Investigation Department
C/o — Care of
S/o — Son of
C. B. I. — Central Bureau of Investigation
G. P. O. — General Post Office
H. Q. — Head Quarters
E. O. E. — Errors and Omissions Excepted
Kg. — Kilogram
Kw. — Kilowatts
Gm. — Gram
Km. — Kilometer
Ltd. — Limited
M. P. H. — Miles Per Hour
KM. P. H. — Kilometre Per Hour
P. T. O. — Please Turn Over
P. W. D. — Public Works Department
C. P. W. D. — Central Public Works Department
U. S. A. — United States of America
U. K. — United Kingdom (England)
U. P. — Uttar Pradesh
M. P. — Madhya Pradesh
H. P. — Himachal Pradesh
U. N. O. — United Nations Organization
W. H. O. — World Health Organization
B. B. C. — British Broadcasting Corporation
B. C. — Before Christ
A. C. — Air Conditioned
I. G. — Inspector General (of Police)
D. I. G. — Deputy Inspector General (of Police)
S. S. P. — Senior Superintendent of Police
D. S. P. — Deputy Superintendent of Police
S. D. M. — Sub-Divisional Magistrate
S. M. — Station Master
A. S. M. — Assistant Station Master
V. C. — Vice-Chancellor
A. G. — Accountant General
C. R. — Confidential Report
I. A. S. — Indian Administrative Service
I. P. S. — Indian Police Service
I. F. S. — Indian Foreign Service or Indian
Forest Service
I. R. S. — Indian Revenue Service
P. C. S. — Provincial Civil Service
M. E. S. — Military # EngineeringService



શિક્ષક બદલી નિયમો-૨૦૧૪, તા.૧૮/૨/૨૦૧૪ (સુધારેલ:૨૦૧૨ ઠરાવ ને આધારે)
મુખ્યશિક્ષક(આચાર્યશ્રી)-જોબચાર્ટ/આચાર સંહિતા તા.૭/૨/૨૦૧૪